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Pick up annoying scattered messes and save your fingers from
handling sharp items. For sewing, office, fishing/boat/sport,
tech/hardware, and more.

Strong Pick-up: Grab items on floor, carpet, and grass, even things you can't see, using a powerful ceramic magnet

Strong Hold: Hold 100 straight pins or 25 paperclips

Easy Release: Don't hurt your fingers handling sharp pins, needles, fish hooks, etc.

Simple Function: Pinch like a clothespin, with only two fingers

Releasing Pin Cushion/ Organizer: Drop items on it as you sew, then release when you're finished

Multi-use: Pins & needles, paperclips, staples, fish hooks, lost screws, and more

Teen-Invented: Invented and patented by 13-year-old Owen who spilled fish hooks on his carpet.

Made in USA

Free Shipping: Buy 2 or more and get free shipping in the U.S.