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“I love it. I use it all the time at my desk.” – A.G., home office user

"I use it every day for staples." -- M.D., business owner

"You know I love it and use it every day in my sewing." -- B.G., professional seamstress

"A legit handy thing." -- M.N.

"This is fun to use!" – 12-yr. old student in sewing class

"I like it...I wish Billy Mays was still around to advertise it!" – B.C., avid fisherman

"This would be very useful for occupational therapists.  The only limit is the therapist's imagination." -- C.P., retired occupational therapist

"I've already found several needles and pins embedded in my carpet that I couldn't see but MagnaFingers found! Thanks for saving both my feet and my vacuum cleaner from damage!" -- I.E. elderly crafter and seamstress

"I picked up several bb pellets out of the grass. Super helpful! (Just wanted to tell you a use I found for it -- bb's are near impossible to pick up by hand, especially out of the wet grass!") -- D.S., mom