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MagnaFingers picks up items, holds them till you're ready for them, and releases them where you want them.

The unique release function means that you don't hurt your fingers pulling items off of the magnet.  Great for pins and needles, paperclips and staples, fishhooks, finding and holding lost screws, and many more uses.

Customers tell us they've also used MagnaFingers for holding a hearing aid, picking up bb's out of the grass, and as an occupational therapy exercise.

It operates easily with just two fingers.  Hold closed over your items, then squeeze to release.

It contains the strongest level of ceramic magnet, Level 9, for pickup power.  MagnaFingers can pick up and hold over 100 straight pins, and grab items out of grass or carpet.

Buy MagnaFingers for your sewing or craft table, your office desk, your tackle box, your workshop, and hang one on the fridge!

Teen Inventor

MagnaFingers was invented by 13-year old Daniel "Owen" Cowan after he spilled fish hooks on his carpet and wanted a better way to pick them up.  He had long enjoyed experimenting with magnets, but realized that they were inadequate for the job. He would still have to pull the pointy fish hooks off of the magnet. 

 MagnaFingers Inventor

He pieced together some odds and ends from around his room -- a clothespin, a few popsicle sticks, a circle cut from a cardboard plate, a ring of plastic from a department store clothes hanger, and a magnet -- and hot glued them together. 

His family found more uses for the tool.  He improved it with a cover in response to his mom's complaint that pins could attract to the top.

Excited about the now perfect tool, Owen's mom investigated and discovered that there was nothing else like it on the market.  At age 15, he was awarded a patent.


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Portrait photo by Kapri Durtschi, White Moose Photography